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ramblingfancy's Journal

26 June
I am of course "somebody's mother," and Somebody has said to me "Mum, you really should start a blog; I'd read it!" enough times to make me willing to take dearest daughter's bait :D. Like Fanny in Mansfield Park, I have "a rambling fancy" not only when wandering about outside, but also when running my fingers along bookshelves, skeins of wool or embroidery threads, displays of DVDs, youtube and itunes, bolts of material, scraps and chunks of memories and racks of clothes.

I am 46 and work as a customer service representative full-time in Dorset in a Very Big Bank indeed. 2008 has seen me in the midst of a divorce, thrilled to bits to see my daughter graduate with a first from SOAS, muddling along and finding happiness in all the natural and artificial productions around me. I hope to take pleasure in all the big and small things and share the joy.

I have lived in many fascinating places around the world - some amazingly beautiful too, but I have returned, from whence I came, to settle near Broadstone in Dorset after a 30 year absence. My lines have indeed fallen to me in pleasant places.

I earnestly wish I was artistic or even crafty. Truthfully I am neither - not an iota of talent really, but I love enjoying arts and crafts and appreciating other people's efforts. I used to knit, quilt and sew, especially for Miranda when she was little, now I might attempt the odd knitted scarf or hotwater bottle cover, but really relish all that sort of stuff best secondhand preferably in my reading. I laugh at myself because I can see my ridiculousness all too frequently.I read a good book and am carefully considering inside my head what food would best complement it and how much fun it would be to tour the locales and eat the relevant dishes, see the mentioned sites and trace the characters'/author's footprints. And what wardrobe would it inspire?